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Aleppo Gift set consisting of 6 Laurel soap is natural in a wonderful wooden box

Original price was: 40 €.Current price is: 25 €.

Handmade mirrors inlaid with mother of pearl

Original price was: 1.500 €.Current price is: 1.200 €.

Damascus serving bowl inlaid with mother-of-pearl

Original price was: 300 €.Current price is: 200 €.

Handmade women’s handbag inlaid with natural mother-of-pearl

Original price was: 350 €.Current price is: 225 €.

Handmade Jewelry Box, Accessories box, makeup organizer, home decor, bedroom decor, gifts

Original price was: 160 €.Current price is: 115 €.

Wooden Tissue Box rectangular tissues box/ Home decor /mosaic box inlay with mother of pearl

Original price was: 200 €.Current price is: 100 €.