From the heart of Damascus, vibrant with love and peace, and from the scent of its jasmine and roses, and from the oldest inhabited capital in history, we convey to you the love and passion for the art of the authentic Damascene heritage through Damash

Damasch is a startup for handmade Damascene products such as inlaid mother of pearl and mosaics (marquetry). Damasch goal is to support the Syrian heritage and to spread the beauty of Syrian handcrafts to the world.
Our grandparents taught us this significant craft, we had no idea that it will be our passion!
The concept of these products started hundreds of years ago in the middle east (Syria, Turkey, and Jordan), Egypt and Morocco for sure.
We noticed how people loved this kind of work, especially in the United states and Europe, which encouraged us to keep creating masterpieces.

As this work is our passion, we are very strict to quality standards. That’s why we use the finest kind of Walnut wood, oak, beech, lemon, and flowers woods. with the great shining mother of pearl pieces and silver inlaid in elegant designs to finalize a product that you will keep spreading love for years.

We hope you can support the Damascene / Syrian crafts with reviews and recommending us to your friends.