Wooden boxes inlaid with pearls in the world of mosaic

Who among us does not like to have a wooden box to collect her/his own valuable things? With oriental flavor
If you are interested! must buy one of the boxes inlaid with jewels and decorated.

What are wooden boxes inlaid with pearls?

One of the most important Damascene arts is mosaic art, and it has been passed down through generations

How are wooden boxes made?

They first cut the wooden sticks and then the gathering stage comes where they are lined up next to each other and then cut again to take the appropriate shape. They are charming pieces of art that the people of the Levant used to have wooden boxes to keep jewelry in.

There are many types of wood used to make wooden boxes to keep jewelry in them, and certainly, each type has different characteristics from the others. Where the wood used in drilling differs in terms of its use and its ability to form, some of them are fused or open fibers and others are knotty, cracked, torsion-resistant, or moisture-resistant. Also, some of them are characterized by their flexibility, the beauty of their brown color, or their ability to be polished.

The most important woods that are used to make wooden boxes:

Walnut wood, including American and Turkish, is characterized by the beauty of its fibers and its flexible hardness and is considered one of the most valuable and most suitable woods in careful drilling for the integration and accumulation of its fibers and its inability to burn.

Oak wood has a light brown color, and beautiful features, is characterized by strength with its flexibility and the accumulation of its fibers, withstands weather fluctuations, can be smoothed and polished, and it is an ideal wood for strong and bold designs and fine details.

Mahogany is solid wood, rich in grains, with a color close to red, and its fibers are straight in general. It is one of the best hardwoods that expand and do not shrink.

Olive wood is excellent for engraving work and is a dark, greenish-brown color that is suitable for work with fine details.

Ebony wood, which is one of the hardest woods, has a black color and is widely used in inlay work and the edges of rulers.

Beechwood combines hardness and ductility, and it is one of the most used wood in drilling and furniture because it is easy to operate, suitable for forming, the fibers are incorporated, and its color is light brown. It is also the most famous and most used for making wooden boxes

Mosaic craftsmen do not stop at a certain limit and are constantly looking for everything new and related to this craft