The interesting damask Mosaic Art

Damask Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is an ancient art that Syria is famous for. It is an art similar to a mosaic, but it is made of wood, that is, engraving on wood

The mosaic industry in Damascus is one of the most important and ancient professions for which Syria was famous
And still to this day
It dates back to the year 700 and was famous in the Ottoman period, where the palaces of the Ottomans were decorated with this art
In addition to mosaic, the art of inlaying wood with mother-of-pearl and inlaying wood with copper is famous
Arabesque art is the art of decoration with patterns of nature and geometric shapes intertwined with each other in a complex manner.
It is also one of the elements of ancient Islamic art and a symbol of Islamic architecture
Where the pillars of mosques were decorated with this art
One of the most important museums displaying this art is the Bone Fracture Museum in Syria, specifically in Damascus, and the office of Amber

Khaled Al-Azm Palace, Al-Sibai, and Al-Tawtli Palaces

This art spread widely around the world during the period of the Syrian war, as many craftsmen came out carrying this art with them to spread it around the world and many in Germany, Canada, and America as well.
But this led to a shortage of labor in the Levant, and there are no longer many craftsmen in Damascus

“Damascus mosaic art ” is considered one of the oldest ancient professions for which the city of Damascus was famous, through the inlaying of wood with seashells or the so-called “mosaic art”, and Syria’s exports of “mosaic art” to foreign markets before 2011 reached about 100 million Syrian pounds (equivalent to two million Syrian pounds). dollars at that time), according to official statistics.