Wooden mosaic inlayed with silver

The manufacture of wooden mosaics is one of the oriental handicrafts that Syria has been famous for and has been characterized by since ancient times until now.

This industry played a role in attracting tourists. It drew the attention of Arab and foreign visitors and tourists. It is a rare industry in our Arab region and even in the world. It was created in Syria and a special market was allocated to it in which its owners practice this craft and display their unique oriental products and innovations.

Where is this market located?

This market is located in the old city of Damascus and is a wooden mosaic and this is an authentic industry. Yahya Khirban, one of the well-known craftsmen, said: The history of this industry dates back to after the middle of the eighteenth century AD, and it was founded by Catholic craftsmen in the Bab Sharqi area, and I learned this craft ( When I was 10 years old) by Hanna Khalil Al-Daya, who is one of the famous industrialists in the craft of wooden mosaic in Syria.

He also stated: We in Syria are only specialists and famous in this industry, and there is no one to compete with us in it. At the beginning of the manufacture of wooden mosaic, Abu Muhammad says: It was limited to manual work, some simple machines and some raw materials such as tin or aluminum and silver thread covered with wood sticks and then decorated with precious stones such as natural shells.

Have these oriental artifacts been preserved?

Some of them are still found in museums, ancient Damascene palaces, and some houses in Damascus, which they still preserve to this day. As for its manufacture at the present time, it has now entered into some updates and new technologies, so the craftsmen used some machines such as (the electric blade) on which wood is cut, in addition to the introduction of new and various materials that we will mention later.

How do they make wooden mosaics

First we come with Wooden mosaic, which is multi-colored, for example, walnut wood is dyed black, lemon wood is natural yellow, rosewood is natural, olive is brown striped, then the peel is Italian white wood. The polygon, square, circular – etc. Its measurements are of course from one millimeter to 54 millimeters and then we get the wood in the form of multi-colored wooden bars and the measurements we apply to the original, whose measurements are now more precise, while its measurements in the old days were not adjusted, and then the drawing is dissected with a thickness of one millimeter It is covered and the adhesive (glue) is placed on it, and then we decorate it with pieces of natural or industrial seashell and then paint it with sawdust paste. , backgammon table, oud machine, wood semolina, food pallet, Quran chair, chess, candy box and other various models and shapes of oriental antiques. After that, it becomes ready for display and sale in the markets, whether for citizens or Arab and foreign tourists who come to Syria and visit the markets to see Wooden mosaic, including the antiques and oriental markets in Qishla.

Wooden mosaic with different shapes

In this refined art, geometric shapes, underlining, polygonal interlacing, stylized leaves and floral motifs are used. In the middle of these shapes that make the simplicity of books are engraved masterpieces or studded carpets that add beauty and brilliance.

To beautify and decorate books, binders, calligraphers, and illuminators use a powder made of gold and honey, which is turned into ink by water and Western gum. This ink is rubbed with a lacquer to reveal all its beauty.