Wood inlay with copper in mosaic art

The history of mosaic art:

According to Jerji Al-Bitar, the inventor of mosaic art, the history of the craft dates back to 1850, according to Iskandar Al-Halabi. “This craft began in the capital due to its proximity to Ghouta and its orchards rich in many types of wood in various colors,” he continued during an interview with Raseef22 in his workshop. The foundation of the mosaic technique is the various colors that each sort of wood has to offer. It was introduced during that time, and in subsequent times it started to grow and get new features.

The wooden inlay with copper is an art descended from mosaic, where copper is inlayed on wood in geometric shapes

The steps to make wood inlay with copper are the following:

The first step of making Wood inlay with copper:


The craftsmen draw the design on paper and determine the dimensions and places where they will draw the geometric shapes

second step:

It is to transfer the design to wood and then cut the design with a wood cutting machine


Step three:

Preparation of copper powder in certain proportions

The fourth step:

Fill the designs with a copper mixture and fill all the blanks with the design. It is important to be quick to avoid mistakes
It is important to be precise and make sure that the copper does not spread over the rest of the wood

As for the last step?

Leave the piece completely until the copper is completely dry, and then polish it until it becomes smooth

These are the steps that craftsmen take to create their own pieces that are wood inlay with copper.

This work requires time, effort, and accuracy, as one mistake can destroy the piece of art, and it is amazing
The craftsmen pass on this craft and skill through the generations
Only those who love art, have a sense of art and have been trained for many years at the hands of